The Short Story

I’m a designer, illustrator, writer, wife and holy-poopy-diapers, new mom. I’m no stranger to juggling life & business. I don't pretend to have it all figured out, but I believe fiercely in your ability to create the life you want, by embracing your story and sharing your gifts unapologetically.


You & Me, Baby

For the past eight years, I’ve helped people just like you transform their lives through meaningful brand-making and mindful design.

I’ve partnered with best-selling authors, world-class athletes, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and health coaches, to name a few. What do they all have in common? They seek to make the world a better place.

I have a tiny hunch that you, too, are here to create something truly meaningful.

Whether you have a thriving brand and you’re ready to take things up a notch, or you’re just starting out and you’re ready to change your business and life for the better, you’re here to make a difference. You want to make money, while making a difference. You’re here to create value in a way no one else can. You know your worth, and you’re ready to do the kind of work that’s necessary for the world to know it as well.

Am I right?

Awesome. Because I believe in you and your creative potential. And I love to create. And when it means I can help someone fulfill a dream of starting a business or sharing their gift with the world, I get goosebumps.

But, there’s something you should know.

The more I experience, the more I realize how much there is to learn. I don’t have all the answers – and I’m suspicious of people who say they do. My sliver of understanding of what makes this world spin is completely and utterly different than yours. But that’s what makes us coming together so beautiful. The more we connect, the more we understand. I show up everyday to understand a little more. Embracing our limitations allows us to do better work.

Which means we’re in this together.

There are a few things, along with my family, that I value more than anything in life: compassionate connection, honest communication and the freedom to live on my own terms. I want that for you too. I approach every partnership like I approach my personal relationships: with a commitment to being real.

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