This is refreshing

February 25, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

TMagazine brings we Easterners up-to-date with LA’s push for art over advertising: turning billboards into works to be contemplated, interpreted, felt and discussed.

Lumi Co. – innovative printing technology

February 22, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

Discovered Lumi Co on Kickstarter today. They have just received over 100% of their funding for R&D of this exciting new textile printing technique that allows exquisite photographic detail on everyday fabrics. Can’t wait to see what’s Lumi brings to the photography, graphic and fashion worlds. Check them out at


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THIS is the first book I ever wrote and illustrated as my mother gently reminded me on Christmas day when she presented it to my fiance as a gift. Thanks mom! However… if you look closely at image #2, you see that my 7 year old self generously made the book out ‘To Anybody’, therefore, … Read More

Anna Dove – My first children’s book

February 15, 2010By EmilyBlog 3 Comments

My first crack at children’s book authorship and illustration! This project: a book made specifically for the newly-born daughter of my very best friend from childhood. I have to thank the fine folks at Blurb for the beautiful printing and binding. I’m putting together a roster of people who would like their own copy, so … Read More

Enough Said

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I’m a sucker for simple graphic posters that combine design and the written word so naturally it almost hurts (in a good way)… at least it does for me. Thanks Informavore.

Truth in Humor

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

I found this illustrator in quite a few places this week and I couldn’t help spreading his ‘joy’. I found myself mesmerized for over an hour by Marc John’s dry-wit illustrations. Check them out for yourself.

Knockaround Love

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

Impeccably cool ACE ON BASE, a San Diego-based artist (and personal friend of mine from college printmaking days), a has released a new glowing version of his Knockaround shades. I’m proud owner of the Clear/Smoke and Black/Sunset myself and at only $14.00 per pair, it’s easy to afford an entire spectrum of colors.

Twig Jewelry

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog 1 Comment

I love jewelry designers who create subtly organic pieces and I scour Etsy regularly these days as I’m in the market for an engagement and wedding band. Barbara Michelle Jacob’s delicate Twig jewelry hits me in just the right spot – the twig ring and bracelet bangles in particular.