March 19, 2010Blog

{image via Hey Yoshimi}

Alberto Seveso

March 19, 2010Blog

These are shots of varnish expanding in a fish bowl of water. Amazing! More after the jump…. {images via Behance}

Insanely Cute Picture

March 19, 2010Blog

I’m starting a new thing called ‘Insanely Cute Picture Fridays’. Why? Because it’s FRIDAY! {image via A Stealer of Hearts}

Misha De Ridder

March 19, 2010Blog

So beautiful…. more after the jump {images via Misha de Ridder}

Uh huh

March 18, 2010Blog

{image via Artschoolvets}

The Cabin

March 14, 2010Blog

My ‘Morning View’ post from two weeks ago remains popular, so I thought I’d share more images from the cabin in W.Va where it was taken. Enjoy! More images after the jump!

Brendan Wenzel

March 14, 2010Blog

These are fun — check out more on Brendan Wenzel’s site

March 14, 2010Blog

{via informavore}

March 14, 2010Blog

{via weheartit}

UTruth Project

March 12, 2010Blog

Worth watching in it’s entirety – check out the mission

Carly Waito

March 9, 2010Blog

Amazing paintings (watercolor I believe) of geos by Carly Waito. More after the jump – don’t miss it… {images via dearada}

Matt W. Moore

March 3, 2010Blog

Graphic artist Matt W. Moore’s Crystals and Lasers Exhibit More after the jump…

Hiroyki Hamada

March 3, 2010Blog

Great interview with sculptor Hiroyki Hamada over on Boooooooom from 2006, which was recently re-posted. Fascinating balance of biomorphic shapes and architectural principles… yet the surface of many pieces reminds me of ancient fossils that should be unearthed on some remote mountain side. {images via Booooooom} As always, more after the jump…

Hans Hemmert

March 3, 2010Blog

Wonderfully ironic, awkward and slightly absurd installations. Check him out: Hans Hemmert More after the jump…