Alberto Seveso

March 19, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

These are shots of varnish expanding in a fish bowl of water. Amazing! More after the jump…. {images via Behance}

The Cabin

March 14, 2010By EmilyBlog 1 Comment

My ‘Morning View’ post from two weeks ago remains popular, so I thought I’d share more images from the cabin in W.Va where it was taken. Enjoy! More images after the jump!

Carly Waito

March 9, 2010By EmilyBlog 1 Comment

Amazing paintings (watercolor I believe) of geos by Carly Waito. More after the jump – don’t miss it… {images via dearada}

Hiroyki Hamada

March 3, 2010By EmilyBlog 1 Comment

Great interview with sculptor Hiroyki Hamada over on Boooooooom from 2006, which was recently re-posted. Fascinating balance of biomorphic shapes and architectural principles… yet the surface of many pieces reminds me of ancient fossils that should be unearthed on some remote mountain side. {images via Booooooom} As always, more after the jump…

Hans Hemmert

March 3, 2010By EmilyBlog 2 Comments

Wonderfully ironic, awkward and slightly absurd installations. Check him out: Hans Hemmert More after the jump…