I am, unequivocally, my own worst client. I have now been ‘redesigning’ my own website for a little over a year. I haven’t been paying myself. I’ve gone through at least two dozens rounds of design and I’m on the verge of breaking up with myself.

The thing is, design isn’t my problem. I’ve created some seriously beautiful designs. The problem is that beautiful isn’t what I’m striving for – and it shouldn’t be what you’re striving for either.

I’ve been using my standards for design perfection as a way to avoid the most important thing in web design: content.

There, I said it. Content is King (or Queen).

I’ve spent a year breaking my own #1 rule when it comes to creating a compelling web presence: I need to stop designing and start writing.

Custom web design isn’t about making a site look good. It’s about communicating a message. And when you’re missing your message, you miss the point of custom design.

I don’t mean to say design shouldn’t be beautiful – but it’s first purpose is to illuminate what you have to say.

So before you decide to dive into that major redesign, or hire a web designer who brags that they create ‘beautiful’ websites and neglects to ask you what you’re key message is – ask yourself: is design really what I’m needing…. or do I need to start writing?

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