If we work together, it’s going to be the real deal. Ya dig? It’s important to me that our values align.


Once we begin, I’m 100% fully committed to working together. I don’t disappear and I deliver on my promises. Since it’s a partnership, we’ll both have responsibilities. I’ll show up every day with head, heart and hustle – and I expect you to do the same.


I care about doing good work, treating people with kindness, delivering on my promises and seeing you meet your goals. I’m interested in partnering with people who are in it for the long run. When we work together, I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine. After all, we’re a team.


Open, honest and frequent communication is a standard I take very seriously. I’ll always keep you updated. I respond to every email, and when text on a screen just doesn’t suffice, I’ll pick up the phone, so there’s no room for interpretation. I partner with folks who extend the same courtesy.


If you’re a nice person who cares about other people, we’ll probably get along. Negative nellies, and passive aggressive types need not apply. I prefer to take on projects whose missions are good for the world, and that I believe will make a positive difference. I’m pretty sure that’s you.


Committing huge amounts of money to work with someone you hardly know is a big deal. You deserve 100% of me, so I only take on projects where I’m confident I can deliver the highest quality product. I’m transparent and sometimes a hard-ass, but I’ll always follow it up with a laugh.


I apply a careful and persistent approach to every project. I don’t design cheap websites and I don’t write fluff content full of trendy buzzwords. I take on very few projects at once. I like to do things the right way, the first time. In my book, slow and steady wins the race.