Work With Me

Brand Positioning

The positioning process is the foundation for everything else you do. No one else in the world offers your unique combination of qualities and experience. We’ll position your brand so it packages your essence into one poignant message.

The Process

We’ll pinpoint your audience, develop your core message and find the voice that resonates with the people you want to reach. You’ll end up with an official Brand Positioning Brief that will include clearly defined Mission and Vision Statements, Core Message, Values, Target Audience and Offerings.


Brand Coaching
Mission Statement
Target Audience
Define Offerings
Brand Brief


Along with your logo, a consistent look and feel across media is crucial for maintaining a strong brand presence, from your official mark to your color palette, photos, fonts, and a guide for bringing it all together.

The Process

We’ll work together to bring a visual life to your brand. This can simply include logo design, or it can expand into a full style guide that you can share with your team, and which will inform how your brand should be expressed across media.


Logo Design
Identity Systems
Style Guides

Web Design & Development

Your home base and primary platform for communication. Let’s do it right, the first time around. Your website should communicate your message and offer a seamless experience for the user. We’ll create a site that is a mirror of you and your vision.

The Process

We custom design every website we create and partner with expert developers to make sure your site is using the best platform for your needs and the latest technology. If you’re lacking content, don’t worry – keeping reading! You’ll walk away with fully customized design, programming and web launch.


Design & Development
Responsive Sites

Copywriting & Content Development

It’s true what they say: content is king (or queen). And it’s absolutely essential before we design that stunning new site. But finding your voice and writing for yourself can be an arduous task. We can help.

The Process

We’ll work together to develop the story you want to tell, and one that will resonate with your audience. A basic package includes copy for your Homepage, About page and Services page, but any project can be customized to include more.


Body Copy
Short Sales Pages
Editorial Calendar

Print & Packaging Design

Whether it’s business collateral, a special event or product packaging, print design is still an integral part of a brand – and it should represent you with as much sophistication as your online presence.

The Process

Whatever your need, we’ll work together to create a distinct physical and tactile experience for your audience. From production methods to material selection, precise execution will reinforce brands values and engage your customer more deeply.


Book Covers
Print Ads

Good To Know

I believe clarity is key – we both deserve it. Here are some things to know about working with me, so you can decide if we’re a good fit:

I care about what I do. You care about what you do. That’s a good (and necessary) sign that us working together will work out.

I take on about 5 custom and full-scale projects a year. I book these projects about 6-8 months in advance. If you’d like to get on the waiting list, please do so here!

Custom and full-scale projects are best suited for folks who have a generous timeline and the availability to really dig deep into their business and brand. For me, taking our time means doing things right.

You excel at whatever you do. Your excellence is what will lead to your success. I’m simply here to illuminate that excellence to the world.

When we work together, we’ll both have responsibilities. Our success depends on both of us showing up. We’ll review these responsibilities before kicking things off together. I believe in you.

Don’t be shy! There are no stupid questions. Ask me.