I work with a wide range of clients. Read on to find out if we’d be a good fit for one another. And if you don’t see yourself below, that’s ok – I love a good challenge.

Designers & Creatives

Starving artist? I don’t think so. Your vision, talent and skillset prove otherwise. There’s more than enough work out there for committed, focused professionals who are passionate about their work. I’ll help you define what you want to be known for, hone in on your dream client and position yourself as an expert that creates value, rather than a hourly-based laborer.

Writers & Speakers

Whether you’re a published author with a few best-sellers under your belt, a burgeoning blogger, a whip-smart copywriter or a booked-out speaker… chances are you have a strong point-of-view, and a style of communicating all your own. I’ll help you shape a brand and online platform to support and illuminate your contemporary commentary.

Wellness Professionals

From nutritionists, holistic health coaches and hospital wellness directors, I’ve help folks in the Health industry package their expertise and point it toward the audience who most needs to hear their message. Given the rapidly expanding market, there’s a place and a voice for anyone dedicated to helping people live the best life they possible can.

Coaches & Consultants

You help people transform, and that’s a big deal. But sometimes what you do and how you do it can be hard to describe. I’ll help you create a powerful brand story and creative platform that clearly explains your process, philosophy and approach – and why your expertise is so valuable to your dream customers.

Experience Artists

From crafting the perfect travel adventure, to designing beautiful wedding ceremonies, to creating a local craft brewery that support hometown economy (and spirit), I work with folks whose know understand the value of the experience, and whose passion is creating meaningful, memorable moments for their ideal clients.

Visionaries & Trailblazers

So what if you don’t fit nicely into a pre-existing category. That’s a good thing. Why? Because you’re probably paving a new path for everyone else. That makes you an independant thinker. Let’s work together to carve out a space for you and craft a compelling platform to share your message and create a tribe all your own.