Enough Said

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

I’m a sucker for simple graphic posters that combine design and the written word so naturally it almost hurts (in a good way)… at least it does for me. Thanks Informavore.

Truth in Humor

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

I found this illustrator in quite a few places this week and I couldn’t help spreading his ‘joy’. I found myself mesmerized for over an hour by Marc John’s dry-wit illustrations. Check them out for yourself.

Knockaround Love

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog No Comments

Impeccably cool ACE ON BASE, a San Diego-based artist (and personal friend of mine from college printmaking days), a has released a new glowing version of his Knockaround shades. I’m proud owner of the Clear/Smoke and Black/Sunset myself and at only $14.00 per pair, it’s easy to afford an entire spectrum of colors.

Twig Jewelry

February 14, 2010By EmilyBlog 1 Comment

I love jewelry designers who create subtly organic pieces and I scour Etsy regularly these days as I’m in the market for an engagement and wedding band. Barbara Michelle Jacob’s delicate Twig jewelry hits me in just the right spot – the twig ring and bracelet bangles in particular.