Q&A: How To Boost Traffic to Your Site or Blog

February 27, 2014By EmilyBlog

Before I begin, I’d like to give credit where credit is due: the following recommendations are a curated list of strategies first proposed by Marie Forleo in B-School and Derek Halpern in his fantastic program, Blog That Converts. These are tips that I’ve found most effective for myself and my clients. It’s not exhaustive by … Read More

What I Gave Up For Motherhood

February 22, 2014By EmilyArticles, Journal
Recently, my husband and I were visiting with a few friends who had come to meet our daughter, then two months old. After sharing a few requisite stories about getting intimate with our daughter's poop, the conversation inevitably turned to a more sobering discussion on parenthood. One of them half-jokingly refer to having children as [...]

Free Print: Change

February 21, 2014By EmilyBlog, Free

Hi Friends, I made this for you today. Another gentle reminder that, while difficult at times, change is natural and good. Download the hi-res version here and if you get it printed and hang it, please take a photo and post in the comments for everyone to see (especially me). And as always, it’s free, … Read More

Free Print: Be Water

February 19, 2014By EmilyBlog

Happy Wednesday, Friends. To get us through hump day, I’m sharing one of my favorite quotes from the master of flow, Bruce Lee. I made this print for you – you can download your hi-res version here, print it out, hang it up – and then kindly share this link with others, so they can … Read More

Urgent vs. Important

February 13, 2014By EmilyHome

I am a list-maker. I like to makes lists at the beginning of the day and mark things off as I go. It’s exceptionally satisfying to see the progress I’m making throughout the day. When I became a new mother, this didn’t change – I still made lists. What changed was my waning capacity to … Read More

The Secret to a Strong Brand

January 31, 2014By EmilyBlog

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: How you treat your customers matters more than anything else when it comes to creating a brand. More than your name, more than your logo, more than your website. That’s because how you treat people says more about your mission, values and vision – both as a … Read More

Choosing a Business Name

January 31, 2014By EmilyBlog

Since starting my own business in 2008, I’ve struggled with pinning down a name. At first I used my own name. Then I used ‘Artz Collective’, thinking that it sounded more legit. Then I slowly started going back to using my own name because I didn’t feel authentic calling myself a collective. Who is the … Read More

The Good Opinion of Others

January 28, 2014By EmilyJournal
Recently, I was needing to make a critical decision that would change my business (and life) significantly. It was one of those decisions that caused a persistent queasiness in my gut, but I wasn't sure if the queasiness was my healthy intuition or my fearful ego. So I did what I'm sure a lot of [...]

Travel Print Stationary

January 22, 2014By EmilyBlog

I loved my holiday cards from Pinhole Press so much that I splurged and ordered over $200 worth of their Ultrathick print sets. Getting them printed was the easy part… finding 25 photos decent enough to be printed from the thousands that we took while we lived abroad… no.

Charleston Winter 2013

January 22, 2014By EmilyBlog

My husband’s wonderful family lives in Charleston, which means we get there about twice a year. Errrr…not nearly enough in my opinion! (As I sit here looking longingly out the window covered in frost).