Hey Darlin, I'm Emily and I'm glad you're here.

I create brands, craft messages and design websites for entrepreneurs, small businesses and creative folks who are interested in being real.

I'm not concerned with what society says you should be doing, or how little time you have or that there's not enough money. There will always be shoulds, too littles and never enoughs of anything. Scarcity is a state of mind doing it's best to hold you back.

All that matters is asking yourself: What do I want to give this world, and what do I want in return?

Because let’s be honest: that’s why you’re here, on this site, reading these words. So let's agree to drop any excuses you're telling yourself about why you're not doing what you're truly meant to be doing. There's real work to be done. And the best part is, when you’re ready to show up, the universe will show up too.

It’s all possible...

You are not on this earth to imitate. You are here to own who you are - flaws and all.

I work with game-changing visionaries who recognize that true abundance comes from the willingness to be vulnerable and from accepting every part of themselves. Only then can you show the world who you really are, and what you have to offer.

I don't believe in 'having it all'. I believe in creating what you want.

The difference? You get to decide what 'having it all' truly means to you. And I'm willing to bet that your 'all' doesn't look a thing like anyone else's. I believe in your immense creative potential to shape your ideal life. But the work we do is not for the weak of heart. It's about transformation.

We both know you have what it takes.

Whenever we go exploring, the universe goes expanding. And that is a wonderful thing.

Sure, it can feel overwhelming (I can help make it less so). It can feel scary (that means you're growing). It can take awhile to know exactly where you're headed (anything worth doing takes time). Relax, you have a fellow explorer with a few adventures under her belt.

I make it my business to help adventurous souls connect deeply, communicate compassionately and live freely.

What we do together isn’t just about creating a website, logo, or awesomely compelling content. It’s about expressing what’s at your core, so you can serve the world on your own terms - and live the life you’re capable of living. I’ll help you craft your message and create a meaningful online presence through powerful storytelling, exceptional design and a heaping dose of heart.

Are You Ready?

I'm interested in being real.

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“Emily’s ability to listen, dig deep and create surpassed everything I had imagined.”

- Jeanne M. Stafford

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